Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog #3- From NYC Streets: Denim Galore

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Start putting away your sundresses and shorts- fall is almost here. Wardrobes are starting to change with the season and recently I've noticed that more and more people are wearing denim. Denim jackets, denim button down shirts, and of course denim jeans. The denim trend has easily shifted from spring to summer to fall. The new styles and washes are making denim more versatile than ever. Just walking around campus today I saw many people sporting this trend. Even I was wearing a denim jacket. Denim is always makes your look casual cool. Wear a denim jacket over your favorite sundress from this summer to get a little more use out of it. I personally love the denim trend and will be keeping up with it this season, and from the looks of it, many other people will be too.


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