Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog #1- Jeggings: From Fugly to Fashion Trend

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This season, jeggings have made their way into the hottest fall trends for 2010. Jeggings- which are exactly what the name says- leggings that look like jeans, have evolved from "ugly" to trendy in just a short amount of time. This past summer, jeggings were everywhere. You couldn't walk into a retail store without seeing them. American Eagle Outfitters has really done a lot to try to attract customers to jeggings. They came out with a big variety of washes, colors, and styles of jeggings this season. I have even seen stands set up around the mall showing off the jeggings, allowing people to see and touch them before stepping foot into the store.


Due to the hot, sticky weather we have been having, many people are choosing jeggings over jeans merely for the fact that they are lightweight and give off the appearance of skinny jeans without all the bulk. According to Goldman Sachs, jeggings are "red hot for this fall". With back to school sales everywhere, its getting noticed that jean sales haven't been as strong as they have in previous years. Since my return to school, I have seen jeggings everywhere and since my school is located in the Fashion district, that's really saying something. It has even been predicted that jeggings are going to make their way into Menswear for Spring 2011. So, for now, it looks like jeggings are here to stay.


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